To fight against the epidemic and seek development, Cintari is pioneering and innovating to develop new targets

On April 9, Qi Lin of chairman of board of limited company of type steel of liaoning letter Dali is in production base of letter Dali (9 central avenue of industrial park of road of liaoning tie ling county) held to plan new mark about 2020 year, seek the strategic meeting that develops. Because be affected by epidemic situation, below impact of future economy, Qi Dong takes the lead in combination with company whole operation situation, make new strategic plan. Avoiding risks, on the premise of protecting people's livelihood, so that the company can better development. Liaoning Cinda Li operation vice general manager Zhang Hongliang in view of the sales target, department decomposition to understand and read.

The company as a whole focuses on the "one up and two down", "bring forth the new through the old", "innovation, quantification, construction", "responsibility culture", "system construction" and other key words for communication.

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Cindali factory address: No. 9, Zhongzhong Street, Industrial Park, Yi Road, Tieling County, Liaoning Province

Cindali sales center address: yuhong district shenyang city, liaoning province, huahua metal trading market south 3 building 6

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