The research and development

Thermimport Quality Control 

XinDaLi staffs think of adversity in prosperity and always control the “quality”with is the battle field of the future competition of enterprises. The quality comes not only from insoectiobn but also from manufacture and the design.it comes from the guarantee of the quality culture of all staffs.TQC emphasis on the full cooperation of all staffs.terefore we not only ersure the quality of the products but also effectively manage the quality of reated business and service in our company so as to make overall quality toachieve the best status.



Research and development

We always take customer stisfaction as the evaluation criteria for the product, stick to the eight principies of quality management for the practical requirements of customers and potential future development needs and challenges of new technologies, conduct QC activities as a team as a unit, the process route design and correction, technological innovation;using rasonable allocation mechanism to fully stimulate the enthusasm of employees, improve work efficiency. Truly made in accordance with the requirements of good quality products, highly respomsible for the customer, production transfer guests convincing products.




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