Cold drawn profiled steel related introduction

Cold drawn special-shaped steel, also known as cold-drawn special-shaped steel, is processed by cold drawing into a variety of steel section shapes and sizes. Cold drawn profiled steel production has deformation resistance, width, sensitivity to stress, thermal conductivity, oxidation resistance, bonding tendency. It has high deformation resistance, great work hardening tendency, and slow rate of recrystallization in high temperature environment, so special attention should be paid to equipment and motor capacity when cold drawing this kind of steel.


The low temperature thermal conductivity of cold-drawn profiled steel is relatively poor, but the linear expansion coefficient is larger than that of carbon steel, so in order to ensure the quality of heating, low temperature and slow heating should be adopted. Due to the oxidation resistance of cold-drawn profiled steels, heating is less effective for the formation of oxide sheets. However, it is difficult to pickle iron sheet for cold processing because it contains chromium and nickel oxides and is very dense.

In addition, the design of the mold is very important to the quality of the finished product of cold-drawn profiled steel. The design of the mold determines the overall shape and tolerance size of the finished product.

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