Cold drawn steel industry applications and supporting materials

Cold drawn steel in simple words, it is processed by cold drawing of various shapes and sizes of steel section, known as cold drawn steel, cold drawn steel, also known as cold drawn steel, cold drawn steel. Cold drawn steel can be used as a complete set for automobile industry, hardware and tool industry, mechanical processing manufacturing industry, textile machinery processing factory. Has been widely used in machine tool manufacturing, hydropower equipment manufacturing, woodworking machinery manufacturing, automobile motorcycle bicycle parts, standard parts, agricultural machinery, diesel engine, Musical Instruments, household appliances, office equipment, steel furniture and handicrafts, ornaments, lamp act the role ofing is tasted, metal decoration industry, instruments and meters, electric tools, construction machinery, elevator, fitness equipment, aerospace and other industries.


Liaoning Xindali Section Steel Co., Ltd. has several sets of large advanced equipment and two joint drawing production lines, and has introduced professional and technical personnel from large steel manufacturing enterprises to fully implement the 5S production management system. Committed to through the advanced technology and equipment, strong technical force, rigorous testing process, continue to provide customers with excellent quality, complete specifications of various types of cold drawn steel, cold drawn material, Yinliang steel.

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