We diligently pursue special steel research and development, application of a higher realm.

Through unremitting exploration and progress, let customers become our good teachers and good friends, after more than 30 years of wind and rain, now has a large number of professional technical elites and excellent management personnel.

The company is equipped with the most advanced research and development equipment, and constantly research and development of new products, so that enterprises always maintain the leading position in the industry.

1 / Ranking
Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the production of cold-drawn section steel and silver bright material.

2. Responsible for the operation, maintenance and maintenance of the company's equipment.

Job requirements:

Technical secondary school/technical secondary school

Place of work:

9 Zhongzhong Street, Industrial Park, Yi Road, Tieling County, Liaoning Province, China

Send resume to HR email:117125977@qq.com
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+86 18040011555 

Cindali factory address: No. 9, Zhongzhong Street, Industrial Park, Yi Road, Tieling County, Liaoning Province

Cindali sales center address: yuhong district shenyang city, liaoning province, huahua metal trading market south 3 building 6

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